Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Wine? Yes please!

Urgh - exam day. Dropped Sam off with his Nanny and Grandad last night as I had a Latin exam this morning, which I have to say wasn't as bad as I thought (of course that may mean I entirely misunderstood it all and will in fact fail...). After a traumatic phone call to the GP surgery (nasty receptionist made me cry, bitch!) I finally got my prescription sorted and was able to come over to my mum's house and see my little man - my how I'd missed him! It's silly really, he goes to his dad's every weekend and I'm fine with that, but if ever I have to spend time apart from him which doesn't obey our usual schedule, I miss him like crazy.  Excellent dinner cooked by my mum's DH, and shared a bottle of wine with him too - makes a change to be able to drink, as obviously I don't drink when I'm alone with Sam.  Got a lovely cuddle from Sam when I got here, it's unusual for him to cuddle me so I treasure the ones I do get.  Especially since I watched the heartbreaking Baby Hospital last night - about the neonatal unit at Liverpool. Most of it was watched through tears, partly from the memories it brought back but largely of relief at how lucky I've been with Sam, and at absolute empathy for those poor mothers (and families). Heartbreaking really is the only word.  My thoughts are currently with my friend Leanne, whose daughter young Sophie is in QMC recovering from one of many surgeries related to her severe cerebral palsy. Leanne, Craig and the girls make a lovely family, and Leanne's attitude is truly inspiring - with two disabled children, a toddler, a husband in the forces, and working as well (in the field, of course - she supports families with disabled children) she is an amazing lady. It's been nearly three weeks this time, so hopefully Soph will be on her way home soon.

On a lighter note, tomorrow is a day of pure retail therapy to help me recover from my exam - Peterborough with my mum and Sam sounds like a good plan. Clothes needed ready for our trip to Naples next month...three weeks and counting :)

Sam's tucked up in bed - and tonight I'll be sharing with him. Wonder how much sleep I'll get, no doubt he'll find it hilarious to discover that Mummy's there (also suspect he may do a starfish impression and take up most of the bed...). 



  1. Hello Sara, welcome to Blogland! I have come via your Mum's blog - who incidently I met on her last trip to our beautiful country New Zealand. I am a quilter too.
    Sam is a lovely wee boy, and I know you will enjoy a lifetime of "tulips and cherry trees" moments together. Thanks for the Holland explanation, it is very apt.

  2. Hello Sara I am also visiting from your mums Blog and wanted to say well done and I hope keeping a record is a cathartic experience for you and I am sure it will be a lovely keepsake for Sam. He looks like an angel in his photo! Studying the classics IMPRESSED!! How do you find the time? That poem is beautiful I am going to pass it onto my friend, her boy is 11 now and part of the mainstream schooling system, he competes at rodeos, rides motorbikes and horses and is a wicked singer and dancer. His mum is a governess for a station in the Australian countryside and she manages the station kids and her boy and all the farm work standing on her head. You ladies humble me...Welcome to Blogland :-) PS check out Little Cotton Rabbits I think you will like her blog too.

  3. Welcome to blogland Sara,I look forward to following your blog.Any plans to take up quilting in the future?Unless of course you already do quilt!lol ;-))

  4. Haha no I don't do any quilting yet! Every time I go in a fabric shop I start cooing over the pretty things, but I just don't have the time :( Give me a couple of years, maybe when I finish my degree...


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