Monday, 20 June 2011

Thank goodness for flipflops

Well, I did something today that I've never done before - electrocuted myself! There I was happily mowing the lawn while Sam was at school, the cord got caught and separated at its joining socket. Without thinking I grabbed the end to plug it back in, and the two pins touched my hand and sent a current through me :( No real harm done, just a couple of groups of blisters but I was rather shaken up. Lis thinks the fact that I live in flipflops may have earthed me and in fact saved my life - her DH wants to know why the hell I haven't got a circuit breaker!

Other than that it's been a good weekend - spent Saturday 'helping' Lis as she made pretty fabric things for my bedroom - curtains to hide my storage units, and recovering my dressing table stool so that it matches my colour scheme. My bedroom is so pretty now, I can't wait to get it all finished off!
Then Sunday was a very exciting one, as I saw my brother :) Don't see much of him (although this year has been a vast improvement, as he has formed a relationship with a girl who lives not too far away). Did and I treated our father to lunch, along with our grandparents (and his gf, Jess).

Sam loved that yesterday he got to see his dad and paternal grandparents, then my dad, and my grandparents. But clearly he wanted a full set, as he spent the whole evening and a large part of today asking for Nanny and Grandad! He's been lovely today, even laid the table for dinner while I was cooking (he gave himself three bowls and me none, think he was trying to say something?!?) Probably wouldn't have hurt me to skip dinner actually - it's my dad's birthday tomorrow and step-dad's on Wednesday, so I'm sure I'll be consuming plenty of food this week. So much for dropping seven lbs by our holiday! Sam started packing the other day - he said 'aeroplane', then went to his wardrobe, started pulling clothes out and putting them in his bag. Bless :) He clearly understands more than anyone gives him credit for...

S xx


  1. Yet another reason why flipflops are great! Al is going to fix your mower lead tomorrow (even though it's his birthday), tell Sam he can see Nanny and Grandad after one more sleep (and that it's only 15 more sleeps before he needs to have his suitcase packed, yay).

  2. Now that is scary! I am asking the same question aren't those circuit breakers law in the UK, they are here! Thank heavens for the Aussie thong :-) How cute that Sam is already packing his holiday bag :-)


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