Friday, 17 June 2011

Happy day :)

What a lovely day I had yesterday. Not sure it was quite so wonderful for Sam, but he was fantastically well behaved as Mummy and Nanny dragged him around not only Peterborough, but Springfields as well! Poor baby. Reasonably successful day in terms or purchases - few new shirts for Sam, and some jellies for the summer; coat and shorts for me; dress for Nanny; along with a few other bits of makeup etc. Lovely lunch at Petit Four - good job it's not closer to home, or I'd be visiting too often and putting on a couple of stone I think!

Late night though, we didn't get home til gone 9pm which is waaay past Sam's bedtime - but did he have a lie in this morning to make up for it? Pah! So I'm now shattered, as is he - difference is he can sleep on the way to his father's this afternoon, whilst I have to stay up and go for dinner with some friends. Life is so hard :) Looking forward to a very relaxed weekend with no exam revision - I do have an assignment to do for my other course, but although I hate the subject matter at least it isn't
an exam!

Hope everyone's got a lovely weekend planned :)
S xx


  1. Pyjama days are always a must after a hectic build up to the weekend :-)

  2. Ooh I can't remember the last time I had a pyjama day...! No chance today though, I've dragged Lis round to help me put up some fabric fancies in my bedroom - so far we've hung a mirror and recovered the stool for my dressing table. Curtains to serve as wardrobe doors are next :)


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