Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Am squealing this morning :) Have just been out to water the garden since yesterday's predicted downpour didn't happen, and...... I'VE GOT POTATOES!!!!! Eeeeeeeee!!!!!!

And yesterday I had to ring my mummy to announce that my rescued 10p B&Q capsicums have produced a pepper!

I am aware that the tradition is you plant things, water them, and generally speaking they grow. But I just find it absolutely amazing that I've managed to do it!! Even if I produce nothing more this year, I'll be pretty happy with that for my first year :) As it happens my tomato plants also have little fruits, and my beans are growing well (although haven't yet flowered); beetroot and spinach seeds have just gone in, so fingers crossed for them too.  And I have started a herb garden, which will hopefully develop over the years. Desperately need to get a hoe though and get rid of some weeds, will try to remember to get one this afternoon.

Just having a little chuckle - some of my closest friends have just got back from a single-girls' drinking holiday in Magaluf, but I'm more interested in my veg plot. When did I skip my 20s?!

S xx


  1. Congratulations Sara, there's something special about eating homegrown vegetables isn't there? What kind of herbs are you going to plant?

  2. Well done sweetheart, round to your place for veggies then! It is one of life's most simple and most rewarding pleasures to grow something and then harvest it to eat. So glad you've discovered it. Like your new look to your blog too.

  3. Oh wow look at your potatoes!! Yummy, nothing like straight from the garden. I have just been given some pumpkin seeds to have a go at which produce giant pumpkins :-)

  4. Hmm pumpkins...not sure about them specifically, but I may have a go at gourds of some description next year. It's all so exciting, think I need a garden notebook - or folder!!

    Michelle - so far I've got four different thymes (one is lemon), two chives, an oregano, a dill/fennel (not sure which, or what the difference is!), lavender, and an unhappy basil. I also have some rosemary waiting for me at Lis's. Now I just need to expand my culinary skills to include everything :)


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