Wednesday, 29 June 2011

It was nice while it lasted

Ah well...
Sam and I have had a nice couple of weeks - he's been well behaved, I've been relaxed, he's happy, I'm happy, and so continues the blissful cycle. But it is no more. He is back to the monster of yester-month! Thankfully I wasn't naive enough to think that this break was the end of the terrible threes, as had been suggested to me by some people who frankly should know better; I knew all along that it was a temporary reprieve, and he would soon be back to his troublesome ways. I don't even imagine it was the eye of the storm - I do believe he is still in training for proper toddler tantrums and behaviour.
The trouble is that I know how this works - the viscious circle being the opposite of our blissful cycle: he misbehaves; I get cross; he misbehaves because I'm cross...see where I'm going with this?! BUT (big but, much like mine) so far I am remaining quite calm. Okay, so it's only been two days. But he has run off countless times in supermarkets, sat down in the middle of the road, thrown his glasses anywhere and everywhere, kicked anyone within reach, asked for food and then refused it as soon as it's prepared, messed around with my laptop, and - the pinnacle thus far - thrown a nearly full bowl of beans on toast (sacred food, to him!) at the (magnolia) wall and (cream carpeted) floor. Grrr!! When challenged 'Why did you do that?' I swear his response was 'I don't know'. Kids!!!!

He's currently pulling every single book off the bookcase, having already tipped his bucket of blocks all over the place. I'm going to have a bowl of soup and leave him to it (wow, get me being all calm - must be the tablets!!)

On a medical note, we have had a hospital appointment this morning to check his eyesight - apparently although his vision isn't great, it is at least the same in both eyes and therefore he shouldn't (fingers crossed please everyone) develop a lazy eye. No pirate patch for Sam! She did encourage me to really try to get him to wear his glasses as much as possible though - ha bloody ha!

And to finish on a light note, I was amused by a comment made by a friend of mine who is a fairly new dad (to clarify, I am amused because I'm sure I've done it countless times myself, am doing it at the moment, and will do it plenty more over the years to come...) But the things that surprise new / first time parents are wonderful: this particular example involved him telling me that their 7 month old is crawling and getting hold of all sorts of stuff she shouldn't have. You should have heard his indignation 'Trouble is, she doesn't understand no'! Errr no dear, she won't do until you teach her it!!!

S xx

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  1. Okay, remember to breathe and do the act calm, be calm thing. This will pass and we'll be back to the blissful cycle very soon (and enjoying sunshine, pizza, the pool and historic sites).


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