Sunday, 12 June 2011

Well here goes...!

I guess I'm doing this more for myself and Sam in years to come than because I think anyone else will actually want to read it... But having spent Friday discussing how to deal with the developments of a disabled child, I thought it would be good to record an honest account of how we feel on a day to day basis - maybe so that when I look back in times to come I see it wasn't all roses, or all thorns!

So this is us saying 'hi' - I'm Sara, I'm 24. My son Sam is three and a half, and was diagnosed at birth with Down's Syndrome. In the past three years he has had bowel surgery; numerous scans to diagnose and monitor his heart condition (which thankfully seems to be rectifying itself as he grows); insertion of grommets; months of physiotherapy; ongoing speach and language therapy; paediatric checks; and lots more that I can't even remember! He's also busy doing the usual childhood stuff - arguing with (and losing to) chairs so needing his head glued back together, bumps and bruises and grazes all the time, tantrums etc....

So what about the name of my blog? Well, we've not long moved house and I was very sad that on arrival we had to chop down our huge cherry trees due to the damage they were causing - I've pledged to (eventually) plant a new one in a better location - maybe a pot! And the tulips refers to a poem/essay called 'Welcome to Holland', written by Emily Perl Kingsley in 1987. I'll post it in a minute!

That's probably quite long enough for a first post, let's see how we go :)
S xx


  1. My first comment got eaten by the cyberspace monster :(
    Welcome to Blogland. I'm sure there will lots of people who read your blog, it will inspire, amuse and help as well as being therapeutic for you and a great record for Sam. All this from one simple piece of writing!
    I've blogged about your blog so I hope some people will visit you soon.

  2. Hi Sara
    Welcome to blogland! I look forward to following you through your journey and getting to know you both:O)

  3. hi Sara, Sam is SOOO gorgeous, sigh i miss having little tiny boys running around. Blog is great - it is just amazing how much support you get off complete strangers that eventually become your friends. You and Sam are going to have an interesting and often tough journey ahead of you -already I can see Sam has a fantastic co pilot for the trip. Look forward to catching up again. I know this poem well, having been involved with an advocacy group for people with ID for many many years - I have met many parents that cite this poem at giving the impetus for moving forward that feeling good about their family. take care now

  4. Hi Sara, welcome to blogland. You will love it! My name is Nat, I'm a lover of everything Japanese. Now you know where I came from! Lis and I met (not in person yet) through our Japanese travels. I noticed she mentioned you lately, sorry I only have time to come to visit now. I was away in Japan in May and June only returned a couple of weeks ago. Of course I know of Sam and saw him many times on Lis's blog. I'm glad you started blogging. It's a place where you can keep journal of life and living. So many times I go back to read my old posts to remind me of things. Enjoy it and I'glad to meet you - Hugs Nat


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