Thursday, 23 June 2011

Why so sleepy?

Mixed bag today, bit emotional all round really.

Had a nice relaxed afternoon with Lis&Al yesterday (although I completely forgot to take the lead from my lawn mower so still need to get that sorted) for Al's birthday - he seemed to appreciate the cakes I'd baked, although I was disappointed with them (Lis said the icing was 'perfection'!) Lazy today too with Sam, who is currently loving 'The Duck Song' (YouTube it, it's the one by 'forrestfire 101') and enjoying singing along - bad parenting maybe, but when watching the clip he does keep his glasses on for a full three minutes so that's an achievement!

Sam and I are not on the same sleep pattern at the moment - I'm in winter mode of wanting to hibernate, finding it impossible to stay up even until it's dark (bed at 18.30 the other night!!), then every morning turning my alarm off and going back to sleep. Sam, unfortunately, is waking up full of beans at 7am and refusing to amuse himself, just standing at his door shouting until I appear. Thank goodness he can't undo stair gates yet... I'd happily curl up and go to sleep right now, can't stop yawning. Hmm, maybe some sunshine would help??

So anyway, my grandad was in hospital for an endoscopy last week, then placed on a liquid only diet whilst awaiting the results of his biopsy. Turns out the growth in his intestines and stomach is cancerous, so not good news, but they don't think there are any secondary tumours so hopefully they'll just whip it out and that'll be it. Trouble is his brother had stomach cancer and ultimately died of it, so that's on everyone's minds. Sounds like he's being very pragmatic about it though, and he's emotionally very resilient so think he'll be okay. Here's hoping, eh?

Enough about that - does anyone fancy doing an assignment on the Benin Bronzes for me??! Am excited about how close our holiday is getting, but simultaneously aware that this damn assignment needs submitting before we go :( Stupid module!

Final comment - who (UK, I suppose) would like to join me in doing a little sun-dance? So sick of this miserable weather, it makes me feel miserable too. Hmph!

S xx

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  1. Hoping you're feeling a bit brighter now, only 9 more sleeps, yay :)
    Sorry to hear about Dick please send our love.


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