Thursday, 26 January 2012

Joys of spring

I wandered out into the garden yesterday and saw a few little spring bulbs delicately rearing their heads. Funny how such a little thing can make me smile.

We've had some beautiful sunrises and sunsets recently (although Lis does seem to think I'm seeing the world through rose-tinted specs.....!), hopefully Mother Nature will be happier this year than she seemed to be last year.

Having a lovely chilled out afternoon with Sam at the moment, whilst Rick is at the gym, then we're off out for dinner with my dad.  I wonder how it will compare to the dinner I cooked for Rick yesterday:
Two chicken breasts baked in a dish of ratatouille, coupled with brussels/cabbage/spinach/broccoli tossed with bacon and toasted walnuts. Apparently I'm a brilliant girlfriend....we both acknowledge it probably won't last for long!!

S xx

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I feel you're not listening...

Sam: Chocolate buttons please.
Saz: No, no more.
Sam: In a bowl.
Saz: No Sam, no more chocolate buttons.
Sam: Please Mummy?
Saz: No.
Sam: Chocolate buttons? Yeah? (Getting up and walking to the door.) Chocolate buttons in a bowl? Yeah? Okay. Mmm, chocolate buttons. Yeah. (Reaches kitchen door, it is locked) Oh. Mummy - chocolate buttons?
Saz: I said no, Sam.
Sam: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Chocolate buuuuuuuuuuuttons :(

Poor child!

S xx

Monday, 23 January 2012

We're still alive...

Okay, so I haven't blogged for ages. I had a few comments on previous posts from complete strangers, very suspicious sounding and it made me nervous about the fact that anyone can read my blog. Still, I might do a post every now and then :)

So, what's new with us? Biggest change really is in my lovelife - the guy I have been seeing on and off for a couple of years now has finally become my official boyfriend. Literally could not be happier! We've been through so much together and apart, and it feels so good to have finally made it to this stage where we can tell the world we are together. Sam loves him to bits, and I just feel so positive about the future knowing that it will have Rick in it. Things will take time, he is currently based in Wales which makes for a long old drive everytime he comes to see me, and Sam's existing commitments to his father and school make it impractical for me to go to Wales. But hopefully we won't have a long wait and he'll soon be able to relocate to Lincoln :)

Sam is progressing fantastically - he's been back into hospital recently to have his right tear duct probed and washed out again, which will hopefully work this time to cure his sticky eye; and he has also had grommets reinserted (one had moved, and one disappeared altogether!). 
This morning's gem: picked Sam up from school, usually I take the car but today I walked up with the buggy. Sam walked for a while but I wanted him in the buggy at the main road - he refused, so I got in. Thought he would laugh but instead he tried to push me along, and offered me a banana and a drink - exactly what I do when he sits down!

I've temporarily withdrawn from my OU module, finding that I have too much on my plate just at the moment and wasn't enjoying it at all. No point forcing myself to do it and coming out with poor marks, when I can just have a few months off and get back to it in October. I've been studying continuously since June 2009, haven't even had the summer breaks that most students get!

Anyway, enough of an update, maybe I will get a few more day to day blog posts done in the nearish future - who can tell???

S xx