Monday, 18 July 2011

Garden update

Arriving home from Naples at 11pm, I was very disappointed that the dark meant I couldn't check on my garden :( And the next day it was raining, a lot! But I grabbed my umbrella and went out for a quick check which was quite disappointing - although one set of tomatoes are doing well, the others have produced no new flowers (and therefore no fruits), the spinach and beetroot seedlings have been munched by slugs, and I could only find two beans of maybe 1cm each. Not what I expected after what feels like an eternity away.

Anyway, feeling much brighter today, and the rain having finally paused, I set out for a more comprehensive check. Although many beetroot and spinach babies have been had there are some survivors, so that cheered me up. The tomatoes were no better than they had appeared. But searching amongst the bean foliage presented these beauties:

and many more that aren't quite big enough to pick yet. So I'm a happier bunny :)

Plus, I somewhat sarcastically stuck some butternut squash seeds in some mud on the kitchen window sill before we went away, as given how expensive seeds are it seemed sacrilege to throw some away, but I genuinely didn't think they would do anything. Well, I came home to this:

Admittedly two sections' seeds failed, but one section has two seedlings (not really visible from picture) so I've now got seven little plants.  Oooh it's all so exciting!  And I pulled another potato plant yesterday and ate the little gems for my lunch. Love it love it love it :)

Sleep time for me, hoping to get a GP appointment tomorrow as my painful stomach now seems to be swollen...hmmm! Night all :)

S x


  1. Those naughty slugs!!! My garden hasn't done as well as I would have liked though it's the first winter season we have planted in our new house, we have had way too much rain so I'm sure that didn't help, but now the sun is out so fingers crossed everything is going to take off now!
    I sure hope you feel better soon, blessings...

  2. Wow, your beans are fantastic and much further on than ours which is maddening given that some of your plants were grown at the same time as mine!! Well done and very well done on the butternut quash, you definitely have green fingers. Let me know what the doc says, hugs xx


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