Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Afternoon gems

Mummy: Would you like a yoghurt?
Sam: No thank you.
Mummy: No? Okay.
Sam: Yoghurt?
Mummy: You'd like a yoghurt?
Sam: Yes please.

Everything has to be on his own terms, not at my suggestion!

Bit later
Sam (very excitably): Mummy Mummy Mummy
Mummy: Yes darling?
Sam: Drink Mummy, Mummy - drink please.
Mummy: Drink? I can get you a drink.
Sam (nonchalant): Oh, umm, yeah okay.

So hang on - if I suggest it, he makes out he did. But if he suggests it, he implies I did? What's that all about??? He's just so funny!

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