Wednesday, 20 July 2011


As I sat Sam at the table with beans on toast for his lunch, I wondered why I had bothered vaccuming this morning. But he ate well, and didn't spill much on the floor. Then he announced he had finished, so I was just finishing my own mouthfull before I took his bowl off him - in that split second he tossed the not-quite-empty-bowl onto the floor (of course, it landed upside down).  When challenged why, his response exasperated me somewhat:
"For Bobby

(no doubt everyone can imagine the whiney, 'stupid mummy' tone in which 'Bobby' was pronounced). Well, Bobby is a border collie, and lives at Daddy's house. Surely Sam's dad can't really let him just throw food and crockery on the floor for the dog? Can he? I hope Sam's just pushing his luck, and this isn't genuinely how he behaves at his dad's....  Oh, the joys of absent parents!!!


  1. Never work with animals or children!! Oh, that's actors, not parents. I think you've got a clever bunny there who's pushing his limits, he knows Bobby doesn't live at your house!

  2. Love your slideshow by the way :)

  3. heh heh, love how kids will pull anything out in order to fill the adult expectation of providing a reason! Love how little ones just adore spreading their food around - well maybe in retrospect LOL - I remember weetbix -ah the dreaded weetbix!


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