Thursday, 2 February 2012

Exhausted, but in a good way

Wow, it's been a crazy week! BF got off shift so came over last Wednesday, and since then seems to have been a constant whirl of activity. The end of last week revolved around job applications and party preparations, as Sam turned four on Monday. BF and I were like ships in the night on Saturday, as I already had various commitments in the day, then Sunday we went into town for some last minute shopping and a leg stretch.  Sunday night saw Sam so tired that he only managed to wake up for a bath before he was back asleep (I pick him up at 4pm!), so I called school and he took the day off on Monday. This allowed him to come to Boston with BF and me to collect BF's daughter Ez, although Sam refused to sleep at all throughout the journey, and managed to wake Ez when she fell asleep!  Junk food lunch followed by a party at Wacky Warehouse, home for an hour or two and then out for dinner: big mistake Mummy, too ambitious for one day! Ez was very tired and clingy, Sam was very tired and whingey....hard work, but good to see the other side of the family, and Lilly, and to introduce BF's daughter to them all.

Having packed Sam off to school on Tuesday morning we hoped to take Ez shoe shopping but otherwise chill out - unfortunately she woke up very under the weather; we took her back to bed with us but she promptly vomitted over everything :( Generally a very quiet day which involved Rick soothing Ez, and me doing constant clothes washing / drying! Rick took Ez back to her mum's, and we had just settled down for the evening when his friend texted to say he was in the area, could he come for a cuppa. Lovely to meet him, but we were in bed the second he left!

Wednesday I somehow allowed myself to be dragged to the gym with Rick (worth pointing out here that he trains and competes at strongman, the gym is a big part of his life) - it was great to see him training and to gain some more understanding about what he does, but when I asked him to show me a few things to do I discovered that he'd be a great personal trainer - encouraging and hateful in equal measures! My goodness am I aching today!!

Very lazy morning today while Sam was at school, then this afternoon we have spent a good couple of hours at the swimming pool, as well as a bit of time at the soft play area. Rick's currently at the gym, Sam's watching Mr. Tumble, and I'm trying to convince myself that my muscles don't ache quite as much as they do! Climbing wall tomorrow, but it's okay because Rick's going back to Wales for a while so I can return to my slobbish ways!

On the subject of Rick, I'm still finding it hard to believe - we seem to be in a proper grown up relationship! I mean, when we disagree about things we actually have a sensible conversation, exploring our opinions and the reasons behind them. What the hell?! Everything is great, we make a fantastic team and he makes me so happy - I'm now one of those people whom I hated a mere few months ago: unbearably happy and positive, and all *in love* and stuff. Bleurgh!

S xx


  1. I have a smile on my face from reading this... you do sound like one of those unbearably happy people... and it's so great to hear... Enjoy!

  2. I second everything that Michelle wrote!


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