Sunday, 5 February 2012

Tiddly pom

Well after the absolute hecticness (yes, that's a word, I just made it one!) of last week, this weekend has been bizarrely quiet. Friday night involved a hot bath and magazine, yesterday I was on shift from 12-3pm then home for a lazy afternoon, hot bath again and early night. Today I picked Sam up early from his dad's and we went to a friend's birthday party. It was a bit of a weird one, as Sam and his classmates get picked up by taxis / coaches and taken to school so the parents very rarely meet each other - Sam was trying to tell me the names of children but he wasn't clear and I couldn't help! Still, I've met a couple of them now so that's progress.

Great couple of hours, but Sam was well ready to come home by the end of it - tired and grizzly, and very uncooperative. Unfortunately for him I'm getting grumpy now too as missing Rick really starts to kick in! Ten days until he's here, and only a month before he has worked his notice at work and can move to somewhere a bit more local.
The good news this weekend is that I spoke to Sam's dad on Friday and he agreed that Sam can stay with me for the first weekend of the month from now on - when relaying this information to Rick he informed me that he has spoken to his ex, and she agrees to Ez spending every other weekend with him when things have settled down. Things are looking very good for the future :)

S xx

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  1. Oh you are going to be such a wonderful little family. Love and hugs to you all.


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