Thursday, 26 January 2012

Joys of spring

I wandered out into the garden yesterday and saw a few little spring bulbs delicately rearing their heads. Funny how such a little thing can make me smile.

We've had some beautiful sunrises and sunsets recently (although Lis does seem to think I'm seeing the world through rose-tinted specs.....!), hopefully Mother Nature will be happier this year than she seemed to be last year.

Having a lovely chilled out afternoon with Sam at the moment, whilst Rick is at the gym, then we're off out for dinner with my dad.  I wonder how it will compare to the dinner I cooked for Rick yesterday:
Two chicken breasts baked in a dish of ratatouille, coupled with brussels/cabbage/spinach/broccoli tossed with bacon and toasted walnuts. Apparently I'm a brilliant girlfriend....we both acknowledge it probably won't last for long!!

S xx


  1. There is something special about new life isn't there? Oh my that looks delicious... maybe you could share the recipe...;O)

  2. Nothing wrong with rose-tinted glasses sometimes! I have crocii but can't find any snowdrops :-( maybe the mice ate them! That is one massive meal, did it all get eaten? Hey, don't be a pessimist, why shouldn't it last forever, get those glasses on!

  3. Great that you're blogging again by the way!


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