Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Crafty monkey

Today seems to have been busy - logically it hasn't, but it has involved the hospital, the most draining place ever.  Sam went to school, then I collected my grandparents and took my Grandad in for his chemotherapy. Home to fetch Sam, then back to grandparents' to get Gram, drop Gram off at oncology ward and take Sam to opthalmology. Wait to see two consultants for Sam, go back to find Gram and Grandad, then to pharmacy, then home. Phew. I'm shattered!

And I'm not the only one - or so I thought... My beautiful son fell asleep in the car, so I gathered him up and brought him in the house. It is a standard performance here that when we get through the door I will ask Sam to remove his shoes and coat, and he will claim not to be able to do one or both. Of course he can, and eventually does, but he tries to persuade me to do it... Anyway, since he was half asleep today I whipped off coat, shoes, and glasses, and settled him into his bed. At which point he jumped up and said 'No Mummy! Not bed!' Cheeky little urchin had stayed quiet while I did everything for him, but is now wide awake!

On a much cuter note, he has a frequent mini conversation when he looks out of the window at the moment. it goes 'Ooooh, snow. Cold. Merry Christmas! Oh, no, Christmas finished. Snow?'  This is the first year he has been particularly aware of snow (last year he just knew it was cold and wet!), and already he associates it with Christmas. Subliminal learning is a scary thing....

S xx

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  1. Love reading all these Sam stories, bless him. Makes you wonder what else he's learning though doesn't it?


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