Monday, 5 March 2012

That Justin Fletcher

Hmm, Justin Fletcher. The name that any parent with a preschooler cannot fail to know. He's got a lot to answer for...

He's responsible for Sam wandering around the house picking up random objects and shouting "hello" (trying to work out which one is today's 'telephone', like in Justin's House).

He's repsonsible for Sam walking around the shops saying "Hello, I'm Justin. Let's go and meet my friends" or "Oooh, Mr. Tumble's spotty bag, thank you" a la Something Special.

He's responsible for Sam running all over going "Oooh ooh aah aah ooh ooh aah aah, I'm being a monkey" (from the episode in which Mr. Tumble impersonates many animals).

He's responsible for Sam's tantrums when I turn the TV off.

He's responsible for the fact that when I turn the TV off, Sam goes to sit in front of the mini-TV, face against the screen, hoping Mr. Tumble will magically appear.

He's responsible for Sam stealing Aunty Lilly's handbag when we're out shopping and attempting to hang it up on every available post, then doing the 'magic' "to send the spotty bag to Mr. Tumble" - "Take your finger, touch your nose, blink three times, and off it goes".  Except it never does...

He's responsible for the ridiculous amount of spotty stuff around my house, as everything spotty must automatically mean Mr. Tumble.

He's responsible for all the ridiculous songs that get stuck in my head: Gigglebiz gigglebiz; The instrument song; Justin's House Theme; Hello Hello; Sing a song day; the list goes on, and on.

Then again....

He's responsible for Sam being able to communicate using Makaton.

He's responsible for Sam learning about places we've not yet been.

He's responsible for Sam getting up to sing and dance.

and most importantly
He's responsible for Sam occasionally sitting quietly for 10 minutes, long enough for Mummy to chill out with a cup of tea!

Okay Justin, you have your merits. And Sam loves you, so who am I to criticise??

S xx

P.S. As I write this, I can hear 'ooh, look, Mr. Tumble's spotty bag' coming from the other room - brief investigation shows that no, it's Mummy's non-spotty handbag!


  1. Lol... If you get a quiet cuppa tea it's got to be worth it :o)

  2. swings and roundabouts! That cuppa is soooooooo worth it


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