Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Steak and roasted mixed veg for dinner. Been looking forward to it all day. Got all the prep done while Sam was at school, so just final bits this evening. Left Sam watching Justin's House while I served up dinner. Joins me in the kitchen, tantrum. Finally serve dinner, come back through to front room - drink all over my seat on the sofa. Not happy. Put down dinner, proceed to clear up drink and turn over cushion. Nearly achieved. Sam doesn't want dinner - flips my plate over. Sofa and floor now covered in delicious steak and veg-chips, with jammy sauce. Actually screamed. Cheeky child told me to calm down. Sam now in bed. Mummy hungry, tired, and on brink of tears. With no idea what to have for dinner. Children can be very testing.

S xx


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