Monday, 7 May 2012

Weekend away

Sam has been in Norfolk with Lis and Alan this weekend, whilst I went on a jolly to Leeds with Lilly. We went to an outdoor gig with performances from Sway, Wretch32, and headlined by Example. It rained on and off the whole way there and as we shopped in the afternoon, but thankfully it stayed dry all evening, although it was somewhat colder than we anticipated May being when we booked in December! Great gig, and great weekend away with Lilly :)

It sounds like Sam has been having a great time with Nanny and Grandad, and I'm sure Lis will blog about it later!  But I just had to share this text I received from Lis, which brought a tear to my eye - I swear my little boy is a real life angel, sent to bring joy to this world:

- - OMG a random man in the cafe (not a regular) just bothered to come and say 
how watching and listening to Sam over lunch had made his day and 
how he would never forget it and how wonderful he is. - -

S xx

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  1. Eyes brimming over again just reading it. I so appreciate the man taking the trouble to speak to me though, he could just have thought it and said nothing and I would never have known. Sam is an angel indeed - although a devil with disposing of his glasses, last seen in that photo on the bus and which are now "in Norwich"!!


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