Thursday, 4 August 2011

Busy week...

I'm having such a busy week! And it's unusual for me, I'm generally looking for things with which to fill up the days. But after a typical day on Monday, I spent the evening packing up a picnic ready for our trip to Rand Farm Park on Tuesday with Nanny, Grandad, Grandad's brother (visiting from NZ), and Sam's cousin Wills. Lovely day, at the end of which we brought Nanny home to stay with us for a few days, while Grandad and Uncle T are away up north somewhere :)

Wednesday started with a visit to Wisteria Patchwork - small barn at a farmhouse, filled with lots of lovely fabrics but too many to really get an idea of any of them. Still, I managed to spend a fair bit! Time for lunch, then a bit of shopping. Home, dinner, and then to ICU to visit my grandad who is recovering from a gastrectomy to remove a cancerous tumour.

Today has been more shopping (I bought a new dining table and chairs, very excited about them ariving tomorrow!), and lunch out. Once home I baked a batch of fairy cakes (official Sam rating: "okay"), then unpacked some shopping before heading off to the hospital again.

Tomorrow is another busy one with hospital appointment first thing, taking Sam to his dad's, going out for dinner (hen party part one). Then Saturday is hen party part two. Sunday must must must see me writing my next assignment! Oh yeah - got exam results from my Latin exam, 94%!! Combined with my 99% overall on assignments, that gives me a (very) clear distinction. Very pleased about that.

When life calms down a bit, I have a few projects lined up from my purchases over the last couple of days:
1. re-cover my great grandmother's nursing chair (including all new seat pad etc.)
2. make cushions for above chair
3. make skirt for myself
4. make quilted centrepiece for new dining table
5. do shopping for more fabric!!

This week has also seen me eat the first tomatoes from my garden (actually, we split the very first one three ways between myself, Lis and Sam), and I took some to my grandmother who was very jealous about mine being ripe before hers! On the topic of the garden, my darling child went out to play this afternoon, as the rain finally decided to ease off for a while (it has been very wet today, but warm). Off he goes, presumably to get his ball, but no - splash! In the paddling pool, shoes and all, looking proud as punch! Photo here :) Lis had been keeping an eye on him, all I heard was as Lis's title suggests 'Oh boy, I'm going to be in so much trouble now'! I just had to laugh, a lot!

S x

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